santiagomoreno Work in Progress
Hello! I'm a Product Designer building things people love to use and tools helping others create, with an unbearable love for prototyping and code.
Currently Staff Product Designer for Design Systems at Lulo Bank.
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Other projects

  • Loan Strategy – Lulo Bank

    Product Design.

    Under NDA
  • Core Experience – Lulo Bank

    Product Design for the bank app's core experience. Case coming soon.

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  • Side Hustles

    Design and dev for an internal web app to push local talent at Huge.

    Reach out to learn more
  • Google 237

    Concept and final animations for the Google 237 Building project.

    Reach out to learn more
  • Nike Air Max by Bastarda Type

    Interactive Web App to create custom posters with variable fonts.

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  • Bastarda Type

    Front-end dev for Bastarda Type website redesign.

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